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Saturday, August 04, 2007

nslu and openslug upgrade

I have a slug which I use it as my home NAS. It has been running fine for last 1+ years with a 250GB hard disk attached to it. I had installed unslung on it which is the open source equivalent of linksys firmware with slight modifications but retains the same functionality. For long I wanted a bigger hard disk and a true embedded linux on my slug and wanted to try how the RAID stuff works.
Bought a new hard drive and upgraded the slug to SlugOS(BE)/openslug 3.10 beta. The whole effort of upgrading and migrating my existing storage is taking more time than I initially planned for.
I downloaded openslug 3.10 beta and flashed it on slug using upslug tool from my ubuntu laptop. Connected the new drive and erased all existing factory partitions. With fdisk, I created three partitions on /dev/sda. /dev/sda1 will have the / filesystem and the linux images. The next one was assigned to swap. The third one is the remaining bulk of the drive assigned to one partition which will be later shared via samba. Rebooted, logged in as root and ran turnup init to setup the initial configuration. After that, I created ext3 partitions (using mkfs.ext3) on /dev/sda1 and /dev/sda3 and initialized swap with mkswap /dev/sda2. With the script turnup disk -i /dev/sda1 -t ext3 created a root file system / and migrated the linux from internal flash memory to the disk. It was ready to be used with a reboot.
ipkg update, updated the packages list. Now, I installed samba with ipkg install samba which fetched the package from nslu2 repositories and applied it on my slug. Once done, I configured and shared some folders via samba.
I have installed mt-daapd as my itunes server which is pending setup. Ntpclient is not available in nslu2-linux package repository and returns nothing to be done here.

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