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Saturday, September 16, 2006

mynslu2 on mypc

mynsul2 is my little NAS, which I want to be accessible on my PC. This nslu2 runs V2.3R63-uNSLUng-6.8-beta and till now not able to access it as root. Hope it gets fixed with stable version or planning to move to openslug in some time.

So, for now, the nslu2 is accessible only via samba and I had to mount my shares via samba rather than nfs. Installed smbfs
sudo aptitude install smbfs
smbclient -L returned all shares. Now,
mount -t smbfs -o username=
<user>,password=<passwd> //<nslu2>/<share> /mnt/<shared_folder>
It got mounted and I could browse the NAS. Now to make it permanent, I found an excellent resource ( thanks to Matt). Not that I didnt know this before, but I was lazy on a saturday morning and wanted to avoid reading man pages :-)

sudo vi /etc/fstab
//<nslu2>/<share> /mnt/<shared_folder> smbfs credentials=/home/<user>/.smbcredentials,uid=<user>,gid=<group> 0 0

sudo chmod 600 /home/

sudo mount -a worked.

Other settings

Once vnc is up, I had my gnome desktop so that I can play around with GUI. I was playing some games and wasting time. I configured the Desktop background to no image (to speed up loading), configured network to have a static ip rather than dhcp.

Fired synaptic package manager to update all packages (/etc/apt/sources.list was modified to include all universe, multiverse options).

Configuring vnc on my PC

I had connected my PC to network, but I dont have a monitor. I had installed openssh-server, so I could ssh to this host. Now my task was to enable vnc on ubuntu on command line.
Edited /etc/vnc.conf
added $XFConfigPath = "/etc/X11/xorg.conf";
set $geometry ="1680x1050";

And installed tightvncserver
sudo aptitude install tightvncserver

Fired up realvnc viewer from my windows laptop (realvnc is better in windows that tightvnc) and it came up good.

Got a PC

I got a PC (Dell optilplex Gx270) from ebay. Powered by pentinum 4 with 512 MB RAM with 40 GB harddrive. Installed Ubuntu dapper drake desktop version on top of it and set on to configure in my network.

Too many things

Too many things done. Planning to explain them in individual topics.