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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Rebuilding PC

Again, my PC crashed this time because of my stupid mistake of hard booting when I realised the file system had problems. The first time happened when the PC crashed because of a power failure. I usually do with a single / file system to reduce the work (lazy) of creating file systems or LVM. So, I thought this time I will do the proper way. With this, I have lost all my perl scripts which weren't backed up elsewhere. Need to rewrite them again (sigh).
I installed CentOS 4.4 with LVM configured apart from /boot and swap. The installation was successful. Later I created two more logical volumes for mqm file systems under /var. Installed WMQ 6 and planning to learn the new features with WMQ6.
Planning to upgrade/move my nslu slug from unslug to debianslug in near future. I havent got a real value in moving towards debianslug and don't want to tamper with a NAS which is working perfectly fine.
Meanwhile, Microsoft has launched their own open source website with their own license submitted for OSI approval. Is it acknowledging open source? or EEE (Embrace, Extend and Extinguish)?. Time will tell.

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