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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Installing Ubuntu 7.10 aka Gutsy Gibbon

Further to the last post, I had managed to install the other required applications on my WinXP partition. Now it's the time for ubuntu.

Gutsy was released last week and everybody was looking forward to it. I had downloaded the ubuntu-7.10-dvd-i386.iso via torrents and burnt into a dvd. The dvd was loaded to do an integrity check which took 40 minutes to complete. Once done, I rebooted and choose to install Ubuntu. After the usual settings of time zone, location, language, keyboard and parition info, I was astonished to see ubuntu offering me to copy the accounts with their Documents and Settings from the WinXP installation. This one I have never seen before :-). It took 23 minutes to install and reboot my laptop.

Gutsy boots up and the first action is to update software. 8 updates are available as of today and it took around 7 minutes to download and install. After that, I checked the restricted drivers section. Found out and installed NVIDIA accelerated graphics drivers for my Geforce2 4200 and firmware for broadcom 43XX chipset. I had to reboot for the nvidia drivers to take effect.

The good part is that it took somewhere around 45 minutes for me to get a usable ubuntu system ready when compared to 7 hours of constant attention when compared with WinXP. Gutsy even reported my battery is broken and yes it is quite old (4 years) and needs a replacement. Cheers Ubuntu.

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