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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Refreshing the Perl and the weekend

Its been a while I did something on perl. So, I introduced perl into one of the tasks I am doing write now. It uses the CPAN module MQSeries to talk to remote queue managers and publish queue statistics. Its been sluggish till now since I have forgotten some basics of perl (too much PHP). I tried out almost all Conf modules for different type of configuration files and finally settled down to XML::Simple with a xml based configuration file.
I was also hearing a presentation by the popular free software lawyer Eben Moglen who has contributed significantly to GPLv3. He was explaining in basic terms to a congregation of lawyers and software specialists of what is community development, patent issues and what was the process followed for drafting GPLv3. Nice presentation must do for all free/open software enthusiasts. Lastly, google maps have come with a customise your route option. Just drag the blue line which you get when you plan your route. Its nice and I am relying google for my daily life and can't imagine a life without google.

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